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Eskimo Ice Fishing Stingray Power Auger, Quickfish 3 Shelter with Shappell JS1 Jet Sled Package Combo Sale-$550+Shipping


RI Bait & Tackle New England's Best Ice Fishing Auger, Ice Shelter Deals
We offer the Heritage Laker tip up with the lowest price anywhere everyday @ $22.49 . Heritage Laker Tip Ups

Rigged and Painted Heritage Lakers ar $33.95. Ice fishing season  is on it's way. Ocean State Tackle has Eskimo Fishing Gear combo Sale . We offer packages that are ready to fish with hand auger, sled and tip ups from from $125 . 

Barracuda Ice Shelter Sled Value Pack Barracuda Ice fishing Auger, Jet Sled and Quickfish 2 Shelter Package start at $285.00 with store pick up . Barracuda Turbo Ice Auger Value Pack

          Ocean State Tackle is New England's best source for bait and tackle. We are the leading St Croix Rod dealer in RI. We are ice fishing gear specialists and offer the best selection of ice fishing augers, tip ups, sleds, chisels and ice fishing line. We have auger replacement blades for Eskimo, Jiffy and Strikemaster augers. Tip ups by Heritage Laker and 40 UP. Our Eskimo Value packs offer the best deals on ice fishing gear. Ice anglers from Conn., Boston and Worcester Ma have come to rely on Ocean State Tackle for the best deals on ice fishing augers and shelters.

Intro to Ice Augers & Ice Chisels
Intro to Ice Fishing: Ice Fishing Auger and Ice Chisel Basics

 Ice fishing starts with the cutting or chopping of holes through the ice to allow access for tip up or jigging rod. This task has become much easier due to advances in ice cutting technology. Holes can vary between 4 and 10 inches. These holes can be cut with ice fishing chisels or hand ice augers and power ice augers.

Chisels for Ice Fishing: Standard ice chisels or spuds are a long handled metal chisel flat on one side and beveled to form a thin sharp point on the other. These are simple and economical and work well for testing ice thickness but are noisy and can spook fish. Thick ice can be a limiting factor as chopping through ice of a foot or more can be difficult.

Technological advance in ice chisel manufacturing has created multi bladed chisels like the Jiffy 2pc Mille Lacs Ice Chisel and the Eskimo Redneck Ice Chisel they feature weighted handles for increasing chopping power, and specialized cutting surfaces to increase cutting depth with each chop. Their special stepped edges allow precise chopping, and can be used to flare out the bottom of holes or shave ice.

Hand and Power Ice Fishing Augers: Well-sharpened hand ice augers are reasonably priced, lightweight, and therefore the choice of many anglers. However, they can be taxing to use when ice gets thick.

STANDARD hand  ice augers,like the Eskimo 6" HD 06 Hand  Ice Auger and the HD-8  8" Hand Ice drill, are the most economical choice, but the blades must be regularly replaced to maintain peak cutting efficiency.

MODERN hand auger designs, such as the Eskimo Barracuda Turbo Ice Auger, feature a special set of angled blades that not only reduce the amount of time necessary between blade replacements, but make hole cutting easier and faster. Some models feature off-set handles, which may take awhile to master, but allow two-handed turning power, greatly increasing the auger's cutting speed.

Extremely popular among today's ice angler, power ice augers feature a drill assembly with a motorized powerhead to turn the auger at a controlled rate. Gas powered ice fishing augers feature gas powerheads generally ranging from 1.2 hp  Eskimo Stingray  and the 2 hp  Eskimo Shark Ice Augers and the 3 hp Jiffy Stealth motors and gear boxes of varying ratios. They are the choice of most serious ice fishing anglers, as they cut through ice of any thickness efficiently, are easy to use and don't require lugging along heavy batteries to operate. The drawback is they're relatively bulky and heavy, and more difficult to transport on the ice.

 Eskimo Stingray S33Q8 Ice Auger offers the best value of any gas powered ice auger with the Store Pick Up Sale Price of $299.99.

Ocean State Tackle is the leading dealer of Eskimo and Jiffy Ice Augers and Ice Chisels in New England. We stock a complete line of ice fishing augers, ice fishing shelters, gear and equipment. Call me David Henault @ 401 226 6626 for all your ice fishing tackle needs. You will see why customers from Worcester,  Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts buy there ice fishing supplies from Ocean State Tackle. Serving Ri and Southern New England's freshwater and saltwater angler's since 2002. 


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