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Though we have built a reputation for having the best saltwater baits. We sell shiners, night crawlers, dillies and trout worms for freshwater fishing.


Ocean State Tackle is R.I.'s leading bait and tackle shop, voted best fishing shop by R.I. Monthly magazine. We offer a wide selection of Saltwater bait, we pack out our own local squid, clam bellies, clam tongues and clam necks. We offer Brined Pogies that are also known as  Menhaden or Bunker, our brining process ensures that these baits consistently outperform frozen bait. We source our baits directly allowing us to offer superior baits at the same or better pricing than other shops. Tuna and shark fishing uses a combination of chum and hook baits, we carry bunker chum, mackerel chum as well as flats of mackerel and butterfish hook baits.

 RI Tautog Fishing - Green Crabs Best Bait  for Fall Blackfish Run

 RI fall Tautog fishing basics. Dave Henault of Ocean State Tackle discusses bait and tackle requirements for Tautog aka as Blackfish fishing. Fall Tautog fishing is best done with Green Crabs. The are purchased live by the quart $3.50 , half gallon $6 or gallon for $10. Order them by the half bushel $35 and bushels are $55 to commercial and charter captains Call Dave in advance @ 401 226 6626 . Shore and boat fishing for tautog use the same tackle with longer rods being the only difference as surf fishing for Tautog requires casting. Most people use Blued Virginia hooks either snelled or rigged in sizes 3, 4 or 5. I prefer to use Gamakatsu live bait hooks in size 3/0 or 4/0 as they are made with thicker wire and do not bend or break when you free them from the tautog's viscous jaws. Many anglers find that Power Pro braided line really improves their catch rates when fishing for tautog. It is responsive due to it's lack of stretch but a leader must be employed to endure the abrasion that the rock piles and ledges cause as the tautog tries to avoid being removed from it's lair. Tautog fishing is very site specific, these fish have a territory and do not range from their home. They reside in structure such as rock piles, pilings and ledges, casting or dropping the bait to them is essential in the fall. The rocky shores of RI and Mass offer some excellent fall tautog fishing. Shore tautog fishing hotspots are Beavertail and Fort Wetherill In Jamestown. The Narragansett coast has Hazard Rock and the East and West Walls. Boat fishing for Tautog in Narragansett Bay RI offers numerous lighthouses, rock piles and jetties . Newport boaters have Brenton Reef and lots of ledge and structure to choose from. Massachusetts tautog fishing is great near the Westport River



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