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Best Lures for Cape Cod Canal Stripers
Best Striped Bass Lures for Cape Cod Canal

Selecting the Best Lures for Cape Cod Canal Stripers

Best Wooden lures for Cape Cod Canal Striped Bass

Anglers at the Canal use a variety of production and custom wooden lures. Needlefish and Pencil Popper Lures are very effective in the canal and in the surf. Swimming lures can also be very effective with wooden swimmers featuring a metal lip. Fishing lures used in the canal are often two to 4 ounces, these heavier lures increase the casting distance and can be presented better than lighter smaller lures in the fast currents of the Cape Cod Canal.


Best Lure Colors for the Cape Cod Canal

Mackerel patterns in Blue Mackerel and Green Mackerel are often the most effective. Wacky Mackerel color by Guppy Lure Company has been incredibly hot this season. Pearl, Sand Eel, Yellow Scale and Pogie are also very popular.


Best Soft Plastics Lures for the Cape Cod Canal Stripers

This year the hottest soft plastic at the Canal have been Okuma's Savage Gear Sandeels. Savage Sandeels in heavier sizes have been incredibly effective. The 7.5" and 8" have been the best producers with mackerel and sand eel colors being the most popular.

Savage Gear Savage Sandeel

This stunning and unique lure is a supernatural sand eel imitation. The sand eel is a favorite snack of many predator fish. These soft-bodied swimbait lures have a strike-enticing swimming action that is second to none. This bait is perfect for vertical jigging, casting or trolling. The swimming action is so lifelike, you have to see it to believe it. Top-quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade hooks can withstand brutal attacks and land big predators. Excellent for striped bass, bluefish, cod, calico bass, halibut, largemouth bass and more.

Sandeel Features

  • Unparalleled swimming action.
  • Available in 5 sizes: 5”, 6”, 7”, 7 ½”, and 8”.
  • Eels are a top prey of many game fish wherever present.
  • Top quality Japanese carbon steel saltwater grade hooks.
  • Can be fished vertically, casted, or trolled.
  • Available in all the top fish catching colors.
  • Individual pack quantities: 2 bodies and 1 head.
  • Excellent for Cod, Striped Bass, Inshore fish, and flatfish.

Guppy Lure Company

Jobo Jr.

The Jobo Junior is our original Pencil Popper. We make the Junior in two weights, 2-3/4 and 3 ounces, and they both have a place in your bag. The 2-3/4 is the best all-around Pencil for moderate surf conditions. It excels from the backwater rivers to the beach to the Cape Cod Canal. The 3 ounce is the one you pull out when you have to cut through a howling wind or have to hold in rough surf or heavy current. This Pencil is a good size to cover a wide array of baitfish from herring and squid to mullet, mackerel and menhaden--this plug gets it done, can handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw your way and has the action to bring those big girls up for a look. 



2-3/4 & 3 oz
7 inches
3/0 belly & 
4/0 tail 4X VMC
500# KROK
Shown Below


2-3/8 oz Mini

The 2-3/8 oz Mini (Flat) is our answer to the "loaded" pencil. While some manufacturers put all of their emphasis on getting as much lead into the plug as possible, we found out rather quickly that you sacrifice a lot of action when you do this. Per our usual testing process we worked on finding the balance between optimum casting for a six inch plug and fish-catching action. After some testing by ourselves and some sharp local anglers we settled on 2-3/8 ounces as the perfect weight and the Mini Flat was born. This plug excels when you need to reach out to fish that are out of range for most other plugs, it's compact design and aerodynamic shape mean that it sails through the wind with little resistance. The Mini Flat sinks but will plane to the surface within seconds of the start of your retrieve and then you can start in with your favorite 'penciling' routine and expect the plug to perform and catch just like the rest of our line of Pencil Poppers.


2-3/8 oz
6 inches
2/0 4X VMC
KROK 220#
Shown Below


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