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April 11, 2016 @ 5:17 PM

RI Spring Tautog Fishing Season Opens April 15th 

Rules and Regulations for RI Spring Tautog Season 

RI Tautog Fishing Season opens on April 15th. The spring tautog fishing season in Rhode Island is open from April 15 - May 31. During RI spring tautog season anglers are allowed 3 tautog with a minimum size of 16".  Possession limit for boat anglers is three fish per person but only 10 per boat maximum. RI Tautog Season reopens August 1rst with the same size and posession limits until October 17th. 

RI Fall Tautog Fishing Season Opens October 17th 

During RI fall tautog season anglers are allowed 6 tautog with a minimum size of 16".  Possession limit for boat anglers is six fish per person ......

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March 20, 2016 @ 10:41 AM

Striped Bass Migration is 3 weeks ahead of last year

On The Water Striper Migration Map March 17, 2016

Ron Arra Surf Pro

Angler Profile Ron Arra

Ron an I have been friendly for years and I must say I have always been amazed by his passion, his knowledge but most of all his ability to communicate and share information and techniques. He is a gifted athlete, a passionate angler and an exceptional mentor and teacher 


Ron Arra is a 5-time United States Distance Surf Casting Champion.

Ron is a professional casting instructor, best selling author, and world renowned angler. Arra is currently an endorsed fishing tackle design ......

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March 16, 2016 @ 5:30 PM

Massachusetts Freshwater Trout Report by Dave Garzoli

Two Trout one Cast 

 With Massachusetts on their second week of trout stocking I decided to fish Hopkinton Reservoir for quick hit on the way home from work.  Despite the cold nasty weather the fishing was hot. I was throwing a small perch Rapala on 8lb test mono. My first cast resulted in a nice bump and saw a good size trout flash but I didn't come tight.  My second cast I hooked up on decent little rainbow.  The third cast resulted in a once in a lifetime story.  I was working the Rapala back and I hooked up immediately.   The fish was pulling pretty hard and I thought to myself I have a real nice fish here. As I brought the fish ......

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March 13, 2016 @ 7:58 PM

How will New England's Striper Fishing Season Develop in 2016 ? 

I asked several striped bass fishing professionals what they thought about this spring striped bass fishing prospects were.

Dave Pickering and I shared identical perceptions so sharing mine seemed pointless. We both ski and fish so our observations and reflections were virtually identical.

From Dave Pickering's Blog  


Expect an Early Start

It's been a record warm winter, there is no snowmelt and water temperatures are well above normal.  That all points to an earlier than expected spring migration of stripers along our RI waters. 

Mike Laptew Weighs In on This Spring RI ...

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March 10, 2016 @ 7:39 PM

 Spring is here early. I asked several friends that are Striped Bass Fishing Experts to share their Views. 

This is the first in the series.

I am sharing this singularly as it offers a very detailed and informed perspective. Hank Hewitt is a Block Island Fishing Maven he  is a vital staff member at Chris Willi's  Block Island Fishworks.  I am pleased to be collaborating with such observant and mindful outdoorsmen. 

Signs of Spring Reflection's of the Uniqueness of Habitat and Wildlife on Block Island

 The days are getting longer with the sun setting later. The air is warming, and the birds vocalizing a spring song. These late winter happenings have me awakened from my winter dormancy and .........

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March 5, 2016 @ 9:33 PM

Annual Fishing Reel Maintenance

Spring Fishing Reel Maintenance Service

Fishing reel manufacturers recommend annual maintenance on spinning and conventional reels. 

Quality fishing reels last for decades when properly cared for. Fishing reel companies like Shimano, Penn, Daiwa,Abu Garcia Quantum and Okuma make reels that offer years and years of service with an annual cleaning, proper drag usage and proper storage. I know people have negative experiences with some reels or companies products. Every company mentioned makes reels at a variety of quality levels. Lower priced reels do not offer the same  quality of components as higher priced reels. That being said all of the reels sold with ......

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