March 23, 2012 @ 12:39 AM

Raritan Bay NJ Spring Striped Bass Action

New Jersey STRIPED BASS: Breaking open in the back of Raritan Bay  for boaters by trolling plugs, casting Tsunami Shads, and chumming with clams. Capt. Lou Grazioso and Doug Stone did well today in the middle of the bay despite the fog. Shore fishermen have been scoring with clams at night from bay shorelines. Rich Swisstack of Cliffwood said he's been doing best on the lower parts of the tide, which is the opposite of the normal situation. The first few stripers are hitting clams in the surf, and boaters may find working birds in the ocean to guide them to bass.

Compliments of Al Ristori and


Schoolie Action is hot in the Western Sound of Lond Island as posted by flybyme he had over 50 schoolies today. Almost a fish or a follower on every cast. A flatwing clouser with trimmed spun deer hair did the trick. Awsome day, awsome time.

Fly fishermen are fishing the shallows with 6wt fly tackle.